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Offering a wide range of Batteries such as Tubular Battery, Industrial Batteries, Lead Oxide Batteries, Computer Batteries, etc., with quality features of quick start, ultra low maintenance & safe use

About Us

Eskay Battery Industries, as the name implies, the company forayed into battery industry for serving the battery needs of clients from different sectors. The 1989 establishment in Hubli, Karnataka (India) deals in Lead Acid Batteries, Lead Oxide Batteries, Lead Alloy Batteries, UPS Batteries, Inverter Batteries, Automotive Batteries, Tubular Batteries, Semi Tubular Batteries, Electronic Batteries, Digital Batteries, Heavy Duty Batteries, Power Batteries, etc. The batteries play an important role in lightning, starting  as well as ignition system of automobiles. The Manufacturer & Supplier also provides Battery Plates and Battery Parts at best available prices.

Our ability to fulfill every client requirement in the respective domain of batteries, have made us an obvious choice for them. We strive to run ahead in the market place through technological innovation and commitment, which is quite visible in our products.

Over the years, the company has expanded its production capacity and opened four production units. The capacious infrastructure is facilitated with all kinds of resources that backs us to execute every given task with result bounded solutions. Our broad vision to achieve excellence through continuous technological innovation, has supported us in establishing a good name in the domestic market.

Application Areas

Our specialization lies in providing tubular and heat sealed tubular battery of 100AH, 100AH Jumbo, 120 AH, 120 AH Jumbo, and 130 AH; Automotive battery of 150 AH and 180 AH as well as SK 40, SK 60 and SK 70 low maintenance, solar batteries. All these batteries find their usage in several areas, all of which are mentioned below:
  • Automotive
    • Car
    • Trucks
    • Dumpers
    • JCB
    • Generators
  • Tubular
    • Home
    • Office

The company is supported by a team of around 20 personnel. Our production personnel have the experience and knowledge in the battery field and can produce many kinds of batteries. Our complete product line is mentioned below:
  • UPS Batteries
  • Inverter Batteries
  • Car Batteries
  • Automotive Power Batteries
  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • Lead Oxide Batteries
  • Lead Alloy Batteries
  • Gray Oxide Batteries
  • Heat Chilled Batteries
  • Automotive Batteries
  • Computer Batteries
  • Industrial Batteries
  • Tubular Batteries
  • Commercial Batteries
  • Semi Tubular Batteries
  • Electronic Batteries
  • Digital Batteries
  • Heavy Duty Batteries
  • Power Batteries
  • Lead Oxide Battery For Vehicles
We also provide:
  • Battery Plates
  • Battery Parts

We at Eskay Battery Industries, undertake every production task with perfection. All batteries are made of pure lead alloys, lead oxide, etc., which makes them performable for a longer period of time. Moreover, we are equipped with in-house quality checks, where the trained quality controllers adopt strict quality measures to ensure the development of high performance and low maintenance batteries. The batteries are inspected and tested for and on:
  • Gravity check
  • Air pressure check
  • Squeeze machine
The batteries provided by us have increased life cycle, consumes less electricity, have more back up and very low water topping and maintenance.

Manufacturing Machinery

Our production facilities are furnished with latest machinery, which include:
  • Grid casting machine
  • Oxide pasting machine
  • Inter cell welding
  • Oxide manufacturing in separate mill
  • Battery sealing machine
  • Manual hand lead grid casting machine